Staxel Wiki

Hey, I'm Sarcosmic, the active admin. I'm here to help build the resource I didn't have. 🤷

As of late 2020, I am currently the only active editor on this wiki, so apologies that both basic Staxel info and version 1.5 info are coming out slowly. Help is appreciated. :'^)

Feel free to ask me questions if you need help, either here or on the Official Discord! I'm still super new to Staxel, though I've been editing on Fandom since January 2019 and am relatively familiar with basic Wikitext formatting. I have little experience with HTML and CSS. Still, feel free to ask if you need help editing; I might be able to point you to a resource, if I can't help.

I am also on the Official Wiki under the same name. If something is incorrect on the Official Wiki, you can contact me to edit it.


Long-term goals.

  • Wiki-wide text proofreading
    • Implement sentence case everywhere it should be
    • Fix every instance of "Mummer" to "Murmur"
  • Flesh out NPC pages
    • Make character page layout
    • Create and add quest pages
  • Improve organization & layout
    • Categorize everything necessary
    • Link pages together better
  • Prettify the wiki
    • Tables, tabber, etc. could look better
    • Figure out what to do with the old {{header}} template (keep but modify? or cease usage?)
  • Actually play and finish the game


Near-future goals, essentially.

  • Work on quest pages! People need those
  • Create item page layout, similar to My Time at Portia's
  • Make general pages for the following:
  • Make more redirects
    • Link each season redirect to their section on the Seasons page
  • Figure out how to make autohotkey to insert {{i}}/{{il}} and other templates around selected text
    • I'm lazy :)
    • Or rather, I wanna be efficient