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September 21, 2021

The Nintendo Switch port is finally here! This in-house port is the full Staxel game, with many optimizations made to improve performance. It does not currently include a third person camera mode, though Plukit is currently working on adding it in a future update.

The Switch port's optimizations can also be enjoyed for free by owners of the PC version by playing the new Staxel CE ("Compact Edition")! Staxel CE is also Mac- and Linux-compatible, and can run on lower-spec PCs that the original version struggles to run on.

PC Version 1.5.59
December 11, 2020
Hideaway Hollow galaxy island promo image.png

The Hideaway Hollow update improves the Tutorial and introduces a new area, NPC, many blocks, three farm animals, and several pets! View Steam announcement here.

About the Game
Staxel is a voxel sandbox and farming game that is currently in development by Plukit and can be played singleplayer or multiplayer. As a fresh arrival to the island, the player starts out with a small, run-down farm and land that has been reclaimed by the wilderness. It is up to the player to turn the place around and rebuild it into the farm of dreams! Befriend neighbors, participate in festivals and quests, pursue hobbies, build wonders, or just farm and enjoy the passing seasons. The entire island can be reconstructed and terraformed into anything the player can imagine! [Read more]

It is available as a standalone game on Plukit's official website, and is also available on Steam,, and Nintendo Switch (digital release only). The PC version includes two versions: the original version of the game, which is Windows-only; and a "Staxel CE" launch option that allows the Switch version to be played on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and is less resource-heavy than the original PC version, allowing lower-spec PCs and laptops with integrated graphics to run the game.

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